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Record, transcribe, analyze, and connect all your meeting data to the latest and greatest in AI technology, seamlessly.



Accelerate Your Revenue Goals 

Increase Close Rate

Turn more leads into customers by never missing a detail.

Shorten Sales Cycle

Close your deals faster than ever with action automation.

Share Customer Insights

Support cross-functional teams and share the voice of the customer.

Replicate Top Reps

Identify winning habits, replicate your best reps, and boost team performance.

Boost Productivity

Give reps the tools to keep more details in focus.

Identify Winning Behavior

Figure out what's working and what's not with real data.

Elevate Your Abilities

With Kipsy's Innovative Features

Improve Deal Speed


Automate tasks with generated content. Speed up your sales cycle.

Kipsy generates draft follow-up emails, meeting summaries, and actions based on call content, saving reps time, and speeding up post-call communication.

AI content generation: Sales reps sending a follow-up email expertly crafted by Kipsy.
Search with Semantics: Sales leader reviewing and inspecting video clips from sales meetings.

Speed up your time to recall information with Kipsy’s advanced video search.

Have you ever been unable to find that call recording you were searching for? No more. Our powerful search engine facilities easy call retrieval by understanding the conversation content and dynamics and gives quick and easy access to past recordings. 

Unlock Access to Hidden Insights


All your most important sales data is in your meeting recordings. Ask your data questions, get clear answers.

Have an interactive conversation with your meeting recording database, get instant and accurate responses to questions, and let our AI find relevant video clips to help answer your questions.

Talk to Data: Sales leader asking Kipsy a question and Kipsy responding with video clips to back it up.
Sales Analytics: Sales leaders reviewing call analytics organized by Kipsy.

Effortless call recording, instant access to accurate transcripts and analysis.

Kipsy automatically joins all your sales calls and records, transcribes, and analyzes each one. Unlock access to prospect engagement, interest, and other key insights. Streamline sales performance evaluation.

Improve Your Coaching


On demand coaching for reps. Shorten the time it takes to learn and improve.

Kipsy spots coaching opportunities in every call by identifying individual strengths and weaknesses. Give reps access to a 24x7 AI sales coach that acts as a “second pair” of eyes in every situation, giving useful advice and feedback for reps to up their sales game!

Teachable Moments: sales reps helping eachother up stairs
1:1 Coaching: sales manager helping sales rep learn.

Improve coaching quality and save manager time while being better prepared.

Our AI sales coach is pretty awesome, but we all know reps still need 1:1, face-to-face coaching with their manager. Help managers prepare more targeted coaching with reports and highlight clips that focus on a reps strengths and weaknesses.

Engage Your Sales Team


Effortlessly engage your team with shared highlights for training, on boarding, or feedback.

Quickly create clips of key moments in your sales call, creating organized and searchable highlight reels for effective team training, sharing, and feedback. Share your wins with the team!

Team Highlights: Sales team members reviewing past meeting highlights collected by Kipsy.
Voice of the customer: Sales team discussing customer insights provided by Kipsy.

Learn what’s working and what’s not with trends, reactions, winning messages, and top objections.

Analyze trends, keep up-to-date with recent winning messages, know where you need to focus with top objections. Measure and monitor the patterns of your top reps and replicate their behavior.

Powerful Integrations

Kipsy is compatible with all your favorite sales tools! Get more value from your existing programs.

Kipsy Integrations flow chart.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Kipsy is accessible to organizations of all sizes. Find the perfect fit for you and your team today!


Extract The Value From Your Sales Meeting Data.

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