Ask Kipsy - Your Instant Meeting Assistant.

Transform you sales process with Kipsy, the ultimate AI virtual assistant. Dive into detailed meeting insights, effortlessly recall critical meeting details, and receive personalized sales coaching.

Ask Kipsy: sales team talking about insights at a table.
Ask Kipsy: get instant answers to your questions.

Quick Analysis

Get instant answers to your questions.

Instantly unlock key sales insights with our conversation intelligence software. Query Kipsy for rapid deal status updates, deep customer research, and trend analysis in your sales meetings. Kipsy’s AI personal assistant transforms your meeting notes and minutes into strategic assets, enhancing your sales acumen with every interaction.

Information Recall

Instantly retrieve forgotten details from any meeting with Kipsy's AI sales assistant.

Quickly refresh your memory with concise video snippets and key points from past discussions. Kipsy ensures you never miss a detail, providing a dynamic, written and visual recap that brings your meetings back to life.

Ask Kipsy: insightful conversational intelligence tool. Recall information quickly.
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Kipsy Coaching

On-demand guidance for sales representatives.

Elevate your sales skills by consulting Kipsy for personalized coaching. Get tailored advice on mastering objection handling, refining your sales pitch, and enhancing overall selling techniques. Kipsy's AI-driven insights offer unique, user-specific guidance, empowering each sales rep to achieve their best performance.

How Does It Work?

Learn how to "Ask Kipsy" in 3 simple steps.



Send Kipsy a message in plain English



Kipsy performs a detailed analysis on one or more of your meetings


Instant Response

Kipsy instantly generates a response to your query and provides video snippets to back it up.

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