Automatically Record-All of Your Important Conversations.

Never miss a beat! In the fast-paced sales arena, every word matters. Kipsy revolutionizes your approach with advanced AI, ensuring you never miss a moment. Our automatic meeting recording effortlessly captures every detail of your sales discussions, eliminating the need to remember the "record" button. Stay focused on your clients, while Kipsy handles the rest.

Illustration: effortlessly record and review team meetings with Kipsy's recording feature.
Illustration: Kipsy joins and records meetings capturing every detail so you never miss a beat.

Automatic Call Recording

Effortless meeting recording.

Kipsy redefines your meeting experience by automatically joining and recording your sales calls. Forget the hassle of pressing 'record' or scribbling down notes. With Kipsy, you're free to focus entirely on the conversation, confident that every key point is captured. Kipsy is more than just a tool; it's your reliable meeting partner, ensuring no detail slips through the cracks.


You have total control over your meeting recordings.

Your meetings, your rules. You have full control over recording: decide which meetings to record for insights and which to keep private. Whether it’s a high-stakes negotiation or a routine update, Kipsy adapts to your preferences, ensuring discretion and confidentiality. With Kipsy, your data is your domain.

Illustration: lock with checkmark to indicate controllable privacy settings.
Illustration: improved collaboration

AI Note Taking

AI-powered note taking at your fingertips.

Elevate your meetings with Kipsy, your virtual assistant that meticulously captures every conversation. Our AI note-taking technology goes beyond the basics, offering in-depth analysis and actionable insights. With Kipsy, you get more than just notes; you receive a comprehensive understanding of each meeting, ensuring no critical detail or opportunity is overlooked.

Illustration: Kipsy integration flow chart

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