Automatic Transcripts – Be a Better Participant in Your Meetings and Let Kipsy Capture the Details For You.

In the fast-paced world of sales, every second and every word count Kipsy shines as your AI virtual assistant, ensuring you never miss a beat. Our state-of-the-art AI technology is designed to transform your sales calls into actionable data, enhancing team collaboration and driving better results.

Illustration: sales team members presenting a meeting transcript generated by Kipsy.
Illustration: automatic meeting recording and transcription

Real-Time Transcripts

Get instant clarity, instant results.

Connect your meeting tool and let Kipsy, your AI personal assistant, revolutionize your sales discussions. Experience immediate recording and highly accurate, real-time transcription AI at work. Kipsy ensures every crucial sales conversation is captured as it happens, enabling swift, informed decisions.

Searchable Transcripts

Effortless recall at your fingertips.

With Kipsy's advanced conversational AI, you can swiftly pinpoint key moments in your sales calls. Our automatically generated transcription creates searchable, AI-generated meeting notes, enabling you to revisit crucial discussions without replaying the entire call. This powerful feature transforms how you interact with meeting minutes, enhancing productivity and strategic focus.

Illustration: Kipsy allows you to search call library
Illustration: improved collaboration

Improved Collaboration

Unite your team with shared knowledge.

Enhance teamwork with Kipsy's AI transcript sharing. Even if team members miss a meeting, they can stay informed and aligned. Our conversational AI ensures every detail is captured and shared, fostering a unified understanding and consistent action across your team.

Actionable Data

Unlock hidden customer insights.

Kipsy transcends traditional AI notetaking by turning transcripts into a goldmine of customer insights. These AI-generated notes reveal customer needs, preferences, and feedback, proving invaluable for marketing, product development, and customer support strategies. With Kipsy, every word is a step towards better understanding and service.

Illustration: actionable data
Illustration: Kipsy integration flow chart

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