Conversational Intelligence – Enhance Your Understanding of Every Conversation.

Our cutting-edge AI virtual assistant doesn't just take notes—it transforms every customer interaction into a wellspring of insights. With Kipsy's conversation intelligence features you can: deep dive into messaging, pay attention to important selling signals, improve your presentation skills, and much more.

Illustration: three sales team members looking at Kipsy's intelligent insights.
Illustration: investigate trends and analyze key topics. Stay on the right path with Kipsy's intelligence software.

Topic Analysis

Stay ahead with real-time insights.

Track and analyze trending phrases and topics in your meetings. Get a real-time pulse on customer needs and market trends. With our conversation intelligence software, you're not just informed—you're ahead. Tailor your strategies proactively to meet evolving market demands, ensuring your messaging always hits the mark.

Winning Messages

Unlock the secrets to your sales success.

Discover what makes your pitch resonate. Kipsy's AI-driven conversation intelligence software identifies 'winning messages' in sales conversations, highlighting the statements that truly engage customers in a positive way. By analyzing AI transcripts and notes, we reveal the key elements that drive successful deals, helping you refine your approach with actionable insights.

Illustration: a winning sales message.
Illustration: target objections and blockers using Kipsy's enhanced analysis.

Top Objections

Get better information on blockers and get smart solutions to problems.

Identify frequent objections faced by your sales team, equipping them with optimal responses. Our conversational AI not only enhances agility but also enriches your sales strategy. By mastering objection handling, your team boosts conversion rates and customer satisfaction, leading the way in AI-driven, adaptive sales.

Speech Measurements

Elevate the quality of your sales conversations.

Measure crucial sales soft-skills from clarity and rapport-building to the use of filler words during presentations. With these detailed analytics, our AI virtual assistant helps you refine presentation skills, enabling continuous improvement. Craft a customized improvement plan and excel in every sales conversation with Kipsy's advanced conversational AI insights.

Illustration: Kipsy tool helps sales reps by measuring soft-skills and suggesting improvements.
Illustration: Hand holding heart to represent care for customer needs.

Talk-To-Listen Ratio

Master customer-focused conversations.

Ensure sales dialogues aren't just sales-led but are balanced, collaborative efforts. Achieving the right ratio is crucial for understanding customer needs and forging stronger relationships, making every conversation with Kipsy not just a pitch, but a path to deeper connection.

Question Monitoring

Tune into prospect curiosity.

With Kipsy's AI-powered conversation intelligence, every question from a prospect becomes a strategic insight. Our system tracks inquiries, guiding you to adjust sales strategies for maximum relevance. This AI-driven attention to prospect interests ensures future conversations are precisely tailored, enhancing the effectiveness and resonance of each interaction. Listen, adapt, and connect more effectively with Kipsy.

Illustration: Playbook, adjust sales strategies for maximum relevance using Kipsy's AI-powered conversational intelligence.
Illustration: Kipsy integration flow chart

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