AI Generated Meeting Minutes – Unleash the Power of Efficient Meeting Management.

Kipsy offers unbiased, automatically created meeting summaries notes, and action items, ensuring you capture every critical detail without the hassle of manual note-taking. Focus on winning the conversation, not on taking notes.

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Illustration: quick and accurate meeting minutes.

Meeting Summaries

Get instant answers to your questions. Save time taking meeting notes.

Leverage our AI note-taking technology to get accurate and comprehensive meeting minutes. By automating the process of meeting summaries, Kipsy empowers your team to focus on high-value tasks, significantly boosting productivity.

Action Items

Keep your to-do list up to date in real time.

Kipsy's conversational AI identifies and lists action items from your meetings, ensuring no detail or follow-up is missed.

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Illustration: sync CRM data from your calls with ease.

CRM Synchronization

Automatically sync all of your call data.

Improve your record-keeping with transcripts and meeting notes synced directly to your CRM. This powerful integration not only provides a historical record but also aids in future strategy formulation.

How Does It Work?

Learn how to "Ask Kipsy" in 3 simple steps.


Your Co-pilot

Kipsy automatically joins all your sales calls.



Kipsy records your call and pays close attention to important details and key topics.



After the call, Kipsy succinctly and accurately summarizes the meeting making sure to include all the important points.

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