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Real-Time Results

Frustrated with outdated CRM data?

Kipsy auto-updates your CRM, ensuring up-to-the-minute notes for maximum deal accuracy. This feature saves sales teams countless hours by automatically logging calls, emails, meeting notes, and outcomes directly into the CRM.

Intelligence and Accuracy

Need a clearer view of your sales pipeline?

Kipsy enhances pipeline intelligence by integrating your latest conversation updates directly into your CRM. Gain real-time visibility into the sales activities, ensuring that data is always current and accurate for better decision-making.

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Unsure about effective sales messages and objections?

Leveraging the power of AI, Kipsy delivers real-time insights into sales activities and customer behavior. This immediate access to data helps sales teams identify opportunities, risks, and trends as they happen, enabling proactive sales management. Discover winning sales strategies and common deal objections, so you can prepare for your next client.


Hard to track sales playbook adherence?

With Kipsy, easily monitor team performance and playbook adherence, supporting effective sales management. Kipsy provides detailed feedback on each team member's strengths and areas for improvement, enabling you to create personalized coaching plans. 

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Trying to increase team productivity?

Boost your team's efficiency with Kipsy by automating routine tasks, freeing them to focus more on selling. Kipsy fosters a culture of success and motivation by enabling the sharing of team highlights and best practices. Not only can team members celebrate wins but they can also learn from shared insights and strategies.

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