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Your drive and skills lead to impressive results; Kipsy is here to magnify your success by automating CRM tasks and refining follow-up strategies.

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Automate and Update

Exhausted with time-consuming CRM updates post-calls?

Kipsy streamlines your workflow by automatically updating your CRM with details from your sales calls as soon as they conclude. This automation includes logging call summaries, action items, and updating contact information, which eliminates the need for manual entry. As a result, you can dedicate more time to engaging with prospects and clients, improving both productivity and sales outcomes.

Draft Emails

Need help drafting effective follow-ups?

By leveraging Kipsy, you ensure that your communication is always impactful and relevant. Kipsy analyzes the context and outcomes of your call interactions to suggest personalized follow-up messages that are tailored to each prospect's specific needs. 


Stay Focused

Missing important details in meetings?

Never miss a beat with Kipsy’s meeting intelligence capabilities. It captures and organizes key points, decisions, and next steps from your sales meetings, ensuring you have a comprehensive record of every interaction. This means you can quickly reference past discussions, keep track of commitments, and maintain continuity in all your sales efforts.

Share Victories

Looking to learn from the best of the best?

Kipsy offers you the opportunity to elevate your sales skills by providing access to a curated selection of the most successful sales calls and strategies within your organization. By analyzing and learning from these top-performing examples, you can identify what makes them effective and integrate these insights into your own approach. This continuous learning environment not only boosts your sales proficiency but also fosters a culture of excellence and collaboration among the team.


Jolt Your Memory

Difficulty recalling specific call details?

With Kipsy, accessing detailed records of your past sales calls is effortless. The platform stores and organizes call transcripts, key takeaways, and customer preferences, enabling you to refresh your memory before follow-ups or meetings. This level of detail ensures you can personalize your interactions based on previous conversations, demonstrating to clients that you listen and value their business, thereby enhancing relationship-building efforts.


Seeking feedback on your sales calls?

Kipsy acts as your personal sales coach by analyzing your sales calls and providing constructive feedback on your performance. This includes highlighting effective techniques, pinpointing areas for improvement, and suggesting actionable steps to enhance your sales skills. By receiving regular, objective feedback, you can continuously refine your approach, better meet customer needs, and ultimately close more deals.

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