Team Highlights – Share, Engage, and Grow Together.

Up your team's performance with Kipsy's team highlights. Utilize Kipsy to foster team collaboration, garner valuable feedback, and delve deeper into customer conversations. 

Illustration: sales team celebrating team growth and increased collaboration.
Illustration: video highlights library used to review key moments from sales calls.


Quick and easy highlight creation and management.

Harness the power of Kipsy to effortlessly clip and categorize key moments from your sales calls. Our platform simplifies the creation and organization of highlights, transforming them into valuable resources for training or team feedback. Kipsy's intuitive design ensures that you can easily access and utilize these insights, reinforcing your team's ability to adapt and thrive in dynamic sales environments.


Create a culture of learning and boost team engagement.

Revolutionizes team dynamics by enabling reps to interact directly with shared call highlights. This feature cultivates a proactive learning environment where each comment or insight contributes to collective team growth. By engaging with these snippets, your team not only learns from each call but also builds a stronger, more cohesive unit focused on continuous improvement and effective sales strategies.

Illustration: sales manager commenting on a team members excellent sales call recording.
Illustration: examine customer insights and extend understanding to the whole sales team.


Unlock real-time customer understanding to everyone.

Kipsy brings customer insights directly to your team's fingertips. By analyzing call highlights, Kipsy unveils crucial insights about customer interactions, enabling you to pinpoint effective strategies and areas needing improvement. This process transforms each sales call into a learning opportunity, offering direct perspectives from your customers. Empower your team with the knowledge to adapt and excel, all through the lens of the customer's voice and experience.

Illustration: Kipsy integration flow chart

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