It's Launch Time!

Kipsy is a conversational AI tool that supercharges busy sales teams by seamlessly connecting meeting data to cutting-edge AI technology.

Greetings everyone! The moment the Kipsy team has been hard at work building towards is finally here! We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Kipsy and the launch of our product. In this blog post I’m going to share with you what Kipsy is, some of the features we are launching with, our ultimate vision for the product, and new features that will be arriving over the next few months.

What is Kipsy:

Simply put, Kipsy seamlessly connects sales meeting data to the latest and greatest in AI technology. We do this by joining all your sales calls over Zoom and automatically recording, transcribing, analyzing, and finally apply some AI magic to generate content, insights, and feedback.

Launch Features:

  • Record, Transcribe, and Analyze sales calls: Kipsy joins all your sales calls and automatically records the meeting. After the meeting Kipsy analyzes the sales call and measure things like prospect interest, engagement in the conversation, questions asked, and other important metrics.
  • Content generation: After the call, Kipsy will generate a draft follow-up email based on the conversation had, as well as summaries, and action items.
  • Powerful search engine: that enables you to search your calls based on the content and semantics of the conversation.
  • Team highlights: lets users easily clip and share important moments from you sales call. These clips are organized and easily searchable so your sales team can collect the “best of” highlight reels for team training or feedback.
  • AI Sales coach: Kipsy identifies key moments in each call that represent teachable moments during the call. Reps have 24x7 access to an AI sales expert and can get a “second pair” of eyes on a situation and ask questions about how to better handle similar situations in the future. This will help reps instantly get important feedback and speed up the learning cycle.
  • Top Messages & Objections: give you at-a-glace information on what is moving sales deals forward and what is slowing them down. This will give sales managers and leaders quick visibility on what is and is not working, and where they need to be spending their time to sell more effectively.

The Vision:

Our ultimate goal is to connect your sales meeting data with all the relevant emerging AI tools and technologies in the market without you having to become an AI expert in each of them. Our view is that if you’re a business that primarily sells over-the-phone or via conferencing tools, all your most important data and insights are locked away in call recordings. After all, what your customers are saying and how your reps are behaving over the phone directly leads to your revenue outcomes. Our focus is to unlock this data and insights for you.

What’s Up Next:

  • CRM Integrations: we will be integrating with Salesforce, Hubspot, and other leading CRMs to connect the data we generate into your customer system. In addition to this, we all know a reps least favorite thing to do is update the CRM, Kipsy will reduce this burden and at the same time give executives a much clearer and real-time view of their pipeline. Kipsy is on every call, your eyes and ears everywhere, we can update deal stages based on conversations, deal amounts as things evolve, and even automatically generate quotes or take other automated actions based on conversations.
  • Explore the voice of the customer: we want our users to be able to have a conversation with all their meeting data and get accurate responses, summaries, and insights, as well as relevant highlight clips. Think of this scenario – you’re getting a lot of poorly qualified leads sent to your sales team, but you need to prove that your reps are following the process and qualifying leads correctly. With Kipsy you would be able to simply ask, “Why are so many of our recent conversations with poorly qualified leads?”. Kipsy will generate a quick summary for you on why so many leads are unqualified, as well as present you with example clips that give on-the-ground examples of this happening.
  • Streamlined coaching: our on-demand AI sales coach is pretty dang good, but it won’t yet replace the need for 1:1 manager to rep coaching. Kipsy will shorten manager prep time for coaching, as well as improve the quality of your coaching. Over time, Kipsy will measure and monitor each sales rep, and identify their unique strengths and weaknesses. Kipsy will then generate reports and short minute long highlight clips for managers, so they know exactly where they need to be spending their coaching time.
  • Playbook monitoring: It can be a good thing when sales reps get a little creative with their calls, but you also have to make sure you are copy-and-pasting your best reps. Kipsy will monitor how closely reps are sticking to the defined playbook, which will give managers the data to appropriately react to situations. If a rep has a bad close rate and isn’t following the playbook, you know what the problem is. But if your top performers aren’t following the playbook, Kipsy will help clue you in to what your top performers are doing differently so you can update your playbook and train the team on the new protocol.
  • Quality of Life: In addition to all the cool new feature developments mentioned above, we will be intensely focused on improving the user experience of Kipsy and rapidly responding to customer needs and requests. We will be working hand-in-glove with all of our early adopters to make sure you are getting massive value from Kipsy with the best experience possible.


There’s a lot more coming down the pipeline – but that’s just a small taste of what’s to come. You’ll have to stick around to find out the rest 😊!


Why Choose Kipsy?:

There’s a lot of conversational AI tools out there, but what makes Kipsy different is our hyper focus on sales teams and their unique needs, whereas other tools try to be a conversational AI for everyone, not just sales people. But we aren’t just focused on targeting conversation AI tools for sales teams, we are taking it a step further by leveraging the data and insights we gain to automate repeated tasks, speed up other processes, and constantly provide insights that will help you keep your sales strategy up-to-date.


What’s Next:
Right now we are looking for our first customers with a willingness to try new technology and give early product feedback. We’re just getting started and we need your help to take this to the next level. If you’re interested in trying Kipsy out you can go ahead and create an account by going to signing up or booking a time with me here.


Stay Connected:

To stay updated with Kipsy as we build and grow, you can follow our LinkedIn page, follow me on X or sign up to receive emails from us here.



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